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OOC Information
Player handle: Laura

Contact details: dragonessa24 on AIM, wonderfulnonsense on Plurk, or PM this journal

Time zone: GMT+1 (Germany)

Other characters: N/A

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continued from here

The infinity of the TARDIS, both in space and in the number of stories contained within, as well as the whole human city right beyond the doors, often have Calliope entirely forgetting that there are limits to what they can see and do. And while she does feel a pang of disappointment at hearing she won't get to meet all manner of googly-eyed glowing thrilling creatures, she knows it must be all the worse for him, to have had free run of his universe before coming here. There may as well be a shackle on his ankle, and those are awfully difficult to forget about even just for a moment.

Her excited grin falters too, though he does an admirable job of thinking up an alternative that really doesn't sound so pitiful at all, and she smiles a smile to match his in softness. "I'm quite sure a few things from Earth's ocean will do just splendidly for now," she says kindly. There isn't anything she can do about his shackle, but at the very least she won't have him apologizing for it to her. And perhaps some of her enthusiasm will rub off on him. Her cheery grin returns and she stands up, reaching an arm over the railing to wiggle her fingers at him encouragingly. "Shell we go and sea?"
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A hooded figure sits atop a small dais and waits. Around her, a cave of ice expands into the void, harsh and bright and indifferent. Lava flows past her seat, patiently searing away the ice and the rock, carving streams through the ceiling like veins about to burst.

There is no way to measure the eternity she has spent here, waiting.

There have been visitors, pawns to move with her words and her stories to assure that her signal would arrive, but those have been few and far apart. Her own company has always had to be enough.

Which is not to say that the strange presence suddenly entering this dream bubble is of no interest, however. Not her signal, she knows without a doubt, nor the enemy, and she doesn't think there are any more game pieces to account for. So who? She raises her hollow eyes to meet his, and waits for his approach.
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How to reach player?
PM: this account is fine
AIM: dragonessa24

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: always
Threadhopping with this character: sure, just ask permission
Fourthwalling: nnaah
Canon puncture: she has a tendency to view other people as characters herself, so it could probably make a weird sort of sense to her, but let's not overdo it.
Offensive subjects: none

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: biologically incapable of positive romantic love, also she's 11, also an alien
Hugging this character: doesn't even know what physical affection IS, so let's absolutely explore that
Flirting with this character: SHE'S 11
Giving this character a kiss: again yes to the physical affection
Something more intimate: 11111111111
Relationships: she's going to make all kinds of fanart of it-- oh you mean relationships involving her, preposterous
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: WHY WOULD YOU
Fighting with this character: too kind to hurt anyone, though physically capable of being very vicious, what with her powerful fangs/jaws and claws
Injuring this character: nnnnmmmaybe, discuss first
Killing this character: she's already been dead for long enough
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: doesn't have any notable psychic powers, so she's pretty susceptible to telepathy / doesn't notice when it's done to her. however, she has the potential to be very strong-willed and her blood color, especially in troll form, suggests a native affinity for psychic powers, so she could probs be taught to be good at resisting it. basically, use your own judgement for reading her mind or run it by me for bigger stuff.
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The Player
Name/nickname: Laura
Age: 26
Pronouns: female
Contact: dragonessa24 on aim
Experience: all of it
Currently played characters: the TARDIS

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] starlightcalliope
Name: Calliope
Alias: Callie Ohpeee
Age/Birthdate: 11 (unspecified units more or less approximating earth years), 11/11/????
Species: Cherub
Canon: Homestuck
Canon point: shortly before Jade shows up
Played By: n/a

cherub form (main):

troll form:

Within the game mechanics of her canon, Calliope’s role is that of a Muse of Space, which is one of the two most powerful class/aspect pairs. In the broadest terms, this means she inspires changes to be done to the fabric of space/reality. The Muse is the most passive class possible, so she doesn’t actively influence her aspect for her own benefit, instead inviting others to act on her aspect for the good of everyone else. There is speculation in fandom that she may come to embody reality itself, or create an entirely new reality, but that won’t be applicable to bigapplesauce. Since the powers of a Muse of Space are (currently) very vaguely defined in her canon and she isn’t part of the game on which the whole class/aspect thing is based in New York, and doesn’t know herself what she’s capable of, her powers will be latent to start with. However, if she comes to feel comfortable and self-confident in her new home, she may start to find that reality changes according to her imagination (mostly expressed in pictures she draws or stories she writes) in small ways. So, if she’s, say, really invested in two people getting together romantically, fate may conspire to put those people in close contact a lot. This power doesn’t infringe upon free will or would really be detectable as an alteration of reality, it merely encourages or ‘inspires’ events to be more favorable towards the things she imagines.

Speaking of imagination, Calliope is a very dedicated artist and writer. Her style (both in drawing and writing) is certainly childish, but very pretty, flowing and colorful. She’s also a good shot if she gets her hands on a gun suitable to her size (or a magic wand, as the case may be). She’s been a lucid dreamer all her life (in the game mechanics of her canon, that means she had a dreamself that was awake whenever she slept, just as conscious and active as her waking self), and after her death she easily shaped dream bubbles to her needs, so she will be very adept at influencing the Dreaming / won’t take long to realize that she is dreaming / will usually remember her dreams.

She is currently a disembodied soul/ghost in canon, but when she comes through, the rift grants her properly alive status again. It will also give her the power of very specific transformation, which means she will be able to take on the appearance of her trollsona Callie Ohpeee, including all the biological details that entails. However, just to be cruel, the rift will suppress her usual ability to do exactly that when she’s asleep, so she will be stuck with her true appearance in the Dreaming.

Cherubs have green skin that's tough enough to resemble an exoskeleton (without actually being one, because that would be silly). In their prepubescent state they are humanoid, but have clawed hands and feet, and their head strongly resembles a skull (bald, no nose and ear cartilage, no lips, but some very prominent fangs, cheekbones and eyelashes). Calliope’s blood color is lime green, which is also the color of her eyes and of the spiral pattern on her cheeks.

She has the height and stature of an average 11-year-old human, rather on the scrawny side. Her standard outfit is a dark green tailcoat (which bears her chat symbol, a cross between the caduceus and asklepion, with a grey rod and two lime green snakes) and trousers with green suspenders, a black shirt and a red bowtie. Her sleeves feature bright red 6-and-9 cufflinks. Possibly she’ll enjoy wearing other things though, once she has access to them.

Calliope’s troll form has the same build as her cherub form, same blood and eye color, the same green swirls on her cheeks, and wears the same clothes. However, as a troll she has softer grey skin, a “proper” face with nose and ears and lips (no fangs, but still quite sharp and pointy teeth), and white cropped hair. She also has a nice set of corkscrew-shaped orange horns.

She speaks with an undefined British accent and is very fond of Britishisms, but since she’s only fake British she doesn’t always get it right. Cherubs are reptilian in nature, which may become noticeable in behavioral quirks like flicking her forked white tongue when she’s anxious, and being slow and lazy in the cold.

(please not that the personality and history sections contain HUGE SPOILERS FOR HOMESTUCK. I warned you, bro.)


Calliope is generally cheerful, optimistic, friendly and very polite. She loves to help others and to work together, and strongly believes in the good in people. It takes a lot to make her lose her temper, and even then people would probably still consider her to be polite, but if something really gets her going she has the potential to be quite scathing and relentless. Cherubim as a species have a tendency to speak in oblique ways, to love games/competitions and superstitiously adhere to the rules involved, and to be obsessed with worldbuilding, tricksters and candy (don’t ask, you can’t argue with SCIENCE).

Cherubim are an extremely asocial species, never even meeting another of their kind except to mate very violently and destructively. As children, two cherubs of opposite gender and alignment (benevolent / malicious) share a body, alternating control over it. Upon sexual maturation, one of them predominates by erasing the other, then grows huge angel wings and goes on a cosmic search for a mate with the same alignment as their former “sibling” (yes, it’s a hateshipper’s paradise). While her other half - Caliborn - was always focused on dominating by force and cruelty, Calliope hoped to win by convincing him to be more like her, to learn compassion and the value of co-operation, ultimately uniting with him into one (benevolent) being rather than killing him. Unfortunately this turned out to be a vain hope, and her optimism may have blinded her to the possibility that Caliborn would actually kill her until it was too late. Since the rift brings Calliope back alive, it remains to be seen what, if any, effect the hole her other half left may have on her in the long run.

Despite being asocial by nature, Calliope uses a chat client to make four human friends on the internet. She cares about them a lot, but has the tendency to think of them as characters in a story rather than actual people, since the chat client allows her to observe their entire lives like a movie and she lacks an inborn sense for how to relate to other people. She creates fanart and fanfiction of her friends, loves to speculate and to fantasize about their romantic relationships, and just generally lives vicariously through them. She also has access to some very important texts about the greater universe and story they are all a part of (including a lot of information on troll society, another alien species), which she loves to study and again, fictionalize. She has created a self-insert, the troll character Callie Ohpeee, to be able to imagine her own adventures within the stories, and whom she even cosplays. She likes to consider herself a historian, obsessively analyzing and speculating about these texts, but she also uses her knowledge to help her friends significantly, and she exhibits an excellent grasp on the temporal mechanics and complex concepts involved.

Due to her lifelong struggle with and abuse at the hands of her “brother” Caliborn, her self-confidence is very fragile and she’s especially ashamed of her “monstrous” appearance. This is another use of her trollsona - to be able to feel pretty and lovable. Although she isn’t deceitful by nature, for the longest time she never actually told her friends that she’s a cherub, instead leading them to believe she is a troll because that’s what she would prefer to be. She’s also envious of the humans’ and trolls’ ability to experience flushed romance (positive romantic love), since cherubs are only capable of caliginous feelings (passion based on hate/rivalry).

After Caliborn defeats her by having her dreamself murdered, she becomes very depressed, defeatist, convinced of her own uselessness and unimportance, and terrified of Caliborn, whom she knows to still be looking for her soul in order to erase her completely. Even though she’s been essentially alone all her life, she feels terribly lonely in the void and begins to think her friends have all forgotten about her, for which she doesn’t even blame them. Despite all this, she doesn’t stop trying to be helpful, still optimistic and determined enough to go in search of a secret weapon - an alternate version of herself that defeated Caliborn and might be able to do so again to save everyone.

Calliope hatched on Earth, however the planet had been relocated to the orbit of a red supergiant sun, turning it into a vast desert with likely only her as the sole living thing on it. She grew up sharing a body with her “brother” Caliborn, constantly having to deal with his malicious, cruel and chaotic nature. They never met another person, but when they were an infant, a troll took care of them briefly, then shackled them to a single room (with each cherub having access to only one side of it) and provided them with a large hoard of food, computer terminals and a sarswapagus (sort of like a bed, switching their control over the body every time one of them went to sleep). Calliope used the computer to make friends on the internet, as you do.

For most of her life, she prepared for playing the game Sburb (real-life events that function according to game mechanics and a narrative structure… seriously I’m not gonna explain Sburb. Wtf is Homestuck.) She learned everything she could from instructional material the troll had left them, and was very excited about the prospect of exploring a whole new world and meeting her internet friends (who were also destined to play Sburb), doing her best to wrangle Caliborn into cooperating with her, since two players are the bare minimum for a session of Sburb.

When they were 11 years old, the game mechanics of Sburb allowed Caliborn to prematurely predominate over Calliope by having her dreamself murdered. This meant that she would lose all claim to the shared body the next time she went to sleep. She was understandably terrified, and tried to give herself a chance to survive by breaking a few of the rules her and Caliborn had agreed on for the sake of a more or less bearable co-existence. However, this turned out to be in vain and when she went to sleep she “died”, her soul becoming trapped in the void (a place where the souls of dead people live on, and sometimes meet the dreamselves of people who are merely asleep/unconscious).

Caliborn went on to become an incredibly powerful, destructive and indestructible monster, the final boss of Sburb, who rampages through all iterations of all universes ripping them apart. This is not only due to the fact that he’s a colossal dick, but also largely motivated by his undying hatred of Calliope and his biological urge to erase her for good. Calliope is aware of this and has created a hiding spot for herself in the void. So far this has been successful, but it also leaves her more lonely and helpless than ever.

Writing Sample:
will her dream thread with spacedad the Doctor suffice?

The Game
How did you find out about Big Applesauce?
Me being a member was never not a thing that was true.

What interests you about the game, and your character's place in it?
Calliope has never interacted with people for her entire life except over chat, so I want her to get to explore and learn how to do that, while also being kind of bad about viewing people as characters in a story. And she just needs a happier place to exist in than her own canon, let’s be real here. Also, spacedads.

Anything else?
Can I warn for adorability, seriously Calliope is the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to any universe. You’re going to get cavities. Space cavities.


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